What an Opportunity -- A Dream come true!  Thank you to all that have entrusted the leadership for the development of the Agricultural and Food Sciences Academy to me.  Hopefully my experiences, skills, ability and vision will lead to the development of a state-of-the-art high school that is centered on the needs of kids being taught in the context of agriculture and food science.  We have so much to do and so little time.

The Board of Education for the Agricultural and Food Sciences Academy and I have made a commitment to have the school up and running by the fall of 2001.  While negotiations are still in progress, it appears that the Academy will begin its operation in the Little Canada area, just fifteen minutes from two of our partners-- the University of Minnesota and the State Fair.

The Agricultural and Food Sciences Academy will have a college preparatory program of study with emphasis in the areas of biotechnology and mathematics.  The high school will be designed to prepare students for college and eventual careers in the agricultural sciences such as animal science, plant science, food science, gene science, engineering, environmental issues and current agricultural technology.

As the Executive Director / Principal of the Agricultural and Food Sciences Academy, I have strong beliefs about our new high school.

The Agricultural and Food Sciences Academy intends to make use of current research and study the best practices available, while visiting with other schools to help determine the direction and operation of our school.  We do not have time to reinvent the wheel and need to learn from the successes and mistakes made by other schools.  We are going to need the help, suggestions and the support of many parties and organizations if we are going to succeed.  Please wish us a little luck and give us some guidance.

Message from the Principal

The school will have high standards, be safe and operate with a student-centered, caring and nurturing atmosphere for learning."

Brian Ingvalson, Principal

Phone: 651-415-5370

Fax: 651-917-9637

Email: dorismold@mediaone.net

Agriculture & Food Sciences Academy

Capitol View Center

70 West County Road B

Little Canada  MN  55117

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Brian Ingvalson, Principal