Doris and Roo's   
Olde English Holiday Dinner


           2002 Photos

Every year in mid-December 16 friends assemble at Doris and Roo's house for a night (and usually part of the next morning) of eating, drinking, speech making, and renewing acquaintances at a traditional English Christmas dinner organized by Andrew and Doris.  The evening follows a nearly identical series of stages each year:

The Stations of the Evening:

   Gathering, hors d'oeuvres, and drinks
   Dinner (Don't forget to use the bathroom before entering the dining room!)
   After-dinner munchies, drinks, and gift sharing; Eileen and Roo break out the single malt)
   Roo slyly urges someone to play chess with him . . . and others begin to drift home
   Back home the royal couple check out all the new smells in trade for a photo-op


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